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Monthly Archives : February 2016

India: Strategic Partnership between GAWOONI and Qualitas Global

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The strategic key element at GAWOONI in the gaming industry is to focus on the emerging markets Southeast Asia and India.

GAWOONI has now entered into a strategic partnership with an Indian company, Qualitas Global.

Qualitas Global is a highly professional, international supplier of quality assurance for Games & Apps and programming services. The company specializes in the games industry in testing and development of gaming software and game apps for smartphones. Qualitas Global is headquartered in Pune (India), one of the three IT centers in India.

With Qualitas Global, our company GAWOONI gets an important business partner for the development of the Indian market.

Qualitas Global will support GAWOONI in setting up local teams in programming and marketing. In addition Qualitas Global  will make sure that GAWOONI addresses the Indian games market in the right way.

“We are delighted to join forces with GAWOONI in a business partnership. Their strategic focus on the Indian market is a smart move right now and ensures GAWOONI a clear competitive advantage over other western games publishers” comments Neville Patel, CEO & Managing Director at Qualitas Global.

The Gaming Industry: A Gigantic Growth Market

After the latest forecast by the American market research firm Digi-Capital it has become clear, the games industry is and will remain a huge growth market.

The market research experts confirmed for the past 2015 a total revenue of 90 billion US dollars. They are also forecasting a further growth to 115 billion US dollars by the year 2020. This represents an average growth rate of over 7 percent per year.

The most important segment is mobile gaming (games for smartphones and tablets). Mobile gaming will increase from 35 this year to 35 and in 2020 to 48 billion US Dollars with an average growth rate of 8 percent.

It was further stated that especially Asia as a whole is dominating the games market. Until the end of 2020, Asia will generate more than half of all mobile gaming revenue worldwide.

The aforementioned facts and forecasts underline the strategic direction of GAWOONI. With our special focus on the emerging markets Asia and India and our specialization in mobile and online gaming we are in line with the trend.

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Source: Digi-Capital