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Games Ecosphere

GAWOONI Global Games Ecosphere

  • GAWOONI will launch in 2018 its own Gaming Platform, a Global GamesEcosphere which will unite developers, publishers, advertisers and gamers in one place.
  • The GAWOONI Games Ecosphere is build around the Utility Token GWON which can be used across all games and services. This means in the GAWOONI Games Ecosphere gamer can spend and earn GWON Tokens with gaming.
  • The Global Games Ecosystem is powered by a very active community
    of gamers. Supported by a unique reward system gamers can also earn GWON Tokens in the Ecosphere which is unique.


GAWOONI just starts its ICO to realize this huge and ambitious project.
=> Click on the GWON picture to the right to get to our ICO webpage

The GAWOONI Global Games Ecosphere – The Next Big Thing In Gaming