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GAWOONI Logo (animated)

GAWOONI Logo (animated)

GAWOONI Logo (animated)

Now you know how the elephant gets into our Logo :-)


Thairath TV covers GAWOONI and Tuk Tuk Rush

GAWOONI Company Video (english)

Please enjoy our little company video. With this video we would like to provide a brief overview about GAWOONI and the strategy behind our company.

Interview: Frank Holz (COO) / Games in Indonesia

Frank Holz (COO at GAWOONI) in an interview with Indonesian media during the delegation of the Federal Republic of Germany to Indonesia in November 2015.

GameMixer: Indonesia

Indonesia’s economy is on the move and wants to be close to the Federal Republic of Germany to establish long-term strategic partnerships in key industrial fields. One of these strategic industries is the games industry. Here a delegation of the Federal Government to Jakarta was held in November 2015 in order to start the dialogue between German and Indonesian game developers. At the same time the importance of the games industry has been highlighted as a fast growing industry in new media.
GAWOONI Director Frank Holz was part of the German delegation and gave a lecture on the spot about the company and also about the possibilities of international business development for Indonesian game developers. For GAWOONI the trip was a great success, the strategic focus of our sales activities is in the emerging markets of Southeast Asia and India.