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GAWOONI relies on digital currency

Recently, much has been said about the subject of “digital currencies” or “cryptocurrencies”, e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. As a developer of digital games we have of course to deal with this topic.

Digital currencies are on the rise. 179 officially recognized paper currencies are facing already over 800 virtual currencies. Why are there already so many virtual currencies. The answer is simple: People have lost trust in the value of money in many places. They are looking for alternatives, the exodus goes into gold, silver, diamonds, real estate – and in cryptocurrencies.

Why are cryptos more secure than cash?
Unlike paper money, cryptic payments are not based on government debts. The growing confidence in these new currencies is based on the technology behind it, the so-called blockchain. This is a decentralized system to which no company and no bank has any influence. It regulates itself through the respective transactions of supply and demand in this block chain, which is completely transparent and can be seen. This technology will revolutionize our lives in many areas – not just our money system.

The world’s largest mail-order retailer “amazon” has recently announced that it will also enable to pay with digital currency payments on its platform. This decision has signaling effect and will move many internet platforms to the same step.

Replace virtual currencies such as the Bitcoin classic currencies?

The Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Christine Lagarde, considers this to be possible. At a conference of the Bank of England in London, Lagarde said that virtual currencies could replace national currencies over the next 20 years. The IMF CEO believes in the future of virtual currencies. Easier, safer, more stable: Currencies like Bitcoin are future-proof according to Lagarde. The financial markets should take technological developments like this seriously.

There are many well-known advocates for “digital currencies”, e.g. Bill Gates and Elon Musk. As a company of the “Digital Economy”, we must therefore address this issue. GAWOONI will follow the example of amazon and support digital currencies on its upcoming gaming platform. GAWOONI therefore sets a clear signal and gives its gaming platform a further special feature.

Of course, the topic “digital currencies” is also interesting for our investors. With this step, GAWOONI will become interesting to a new investor audience, which mainly invests in the digital sector.


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