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The Games Market

Let’s start with a simple question. Which market do you think is the most powerful in turnover: music, movies or games? The answer will be astonishing for you: with games, more than 150 billion USD in sales are generated every year worldwide, more than music and cinema together.

And this gigantic market has been growing continuously for years and will continue to grow.

Source: NEWZOO, Global Games Market Report 2020

Why is this market so big and why does it grow? Most people today are using a smartphone to make phone calls, take pictures, chat, surf the internet and play games. These smartphones are not only small all-rounder, they are also primarily portable gaming consoles. Over 2 billion people worldwide use their smartphone to play games. And every year new, technically better models come into the market. If you look at the applications (apps) that make the most sales on smartphones, you can’t be surprised: it’s games.

Most apps nowadays are free of charge. You will say how can you make money with it? Well observed. Games are free, to let as many people as possible try them. Try before buy is the motto and that is a fair approach to the consumer. The game also offers paid content, which you can purchase to get an even more intense playing experience, to play more individually or simply to get a faster game progress. These offers, which usually cost 1 or 2 EUR / USD, are called microtransactions. In addition, you often see advertising in games, even here, gaming manufacturers earn money though the game itself is still free for the consumer. Small amounts, however, which add up over the mass of players world-wide and thus allow the refinancing of a game development.

Besides smartphones, people are also playing on computers, laptops, tablets and video game consoles. But most of all on the smartphone.

Games are played around the world. The markets / regions with the highest spendings are: China, Japan, USA, Europe. The strongest growing games markets are Southeast Asia, India and South America.

GAWOONI focuses on games for smartphones (mobile games) and specifically on the emerging markets Southeast Asia and India. The GAWOONI game portal can be used with a smartphone, PC, laptop or tablet.

Another important trend in gaming is esports. esports means professional, competitive gaming. The gamer are mostly organized in teams and leagues. They play online together / against each other and at major esports events with thousands of visitors. Nearly 700 million USD will be generated in 2020 with esports according to the market research company NEWZOO, which specializes in the games industry. More than 70% of the revenue belongs to media rights, advertising and sponsorship fees. Sport, action and strategy games are played. Many real sport leagues already have a virtual counterpart. And just as in real sports, esports offers many opportunities for sponsors, advertising and media partners.
GAWOONI already has an esports project in its conceptualization, of course with a special focus on the Asian market, because esports is very important here.