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Games Ecosphere

GAWOONI Global Games Ecosphere

In addition to its own games, GAWOONI will release its games platform in 2018. The development work has been going on for a year now. We call the platform “GAWOONI Games Ecosphere”. It’s the next evolution in gaming. We’re building a global community of gamers who can play on our platform, be rewarded and even earn our own crypto currency (GWON). There has never been more incentive to play games.

Almost all games today are playable for free and generate revenue through advertising and the sale of virtual items in the game. In the games, you usually rely on virtual currency, which:
a) can be earned
b) can be bought against real currency

At GAWOONI, the in-game currency is called GAWOONI Coin and is a small gold coin with an elephant logo inside.

This coin can be used in all our games. Advantage is:
a) The player can use it in all games and is not limited to one game
b) The player can win and earn coins. He can then use these either for purchases in the games or even exchange them in the GAWOONI own crypto currency (GWON)

In concrete terms, GAWOONI not only rewards gaming, you can even earn coins and cryptocurrency. There was never more incentive to play games.

PLAY – WIN – Earn