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Frank Holz
Director / Member Of The Board

Frank Holz is a qualified economic engineer and a long serving consultant for companies such as Daimler-Benz, Mercedes-Benz and Mannesmann (today Vodafone).

Since 1996 Frank Holz has been working in the games industry. He was Marketing Director of well-known, international game publishers such as Infogames and Atari.

In 2008 he founded IEM Consulting, an internationally operating management consultancy focusing on the games industry.
Frank Holz advises game developers, game publishers, multimedia entrepreneurs, branded insurers, investors, banks and governmental agencies worldwide.

He has a very strong strategical background and stable international network within the gaming industry. Due to his numerous consulting projects for governmental agencies and game developers in Asia, Frank Holz has a huge business network in Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore.

Credentials Publishing:
– More than one thousand games published on an international level including well known brands such as: Alone In The Dark, Civilization, Unreal, Unreal Tournament, Rollercoaster Tycoon, Driver, GTR, GT Legends, Neverwinter Nights, Transformers, Mission Impossible, Matrix, Terminator, Digimon, One Piece.

Games for brand companies:
– Games as an interactive communication tool for well known brands and their products such as FERRERO, BMW, BOSCH.

Michael H. Beekmann
Director / Member Of The Board

Michael Beekmann is an acknowledged financial expert. In 1997 he started his career at one of the biggest travel agencies in Germany. There, he worked in the field of purchasing and successfully established the company’s international hotel network.

In 2001 Michael Beekmann moved to the center of finance, Switzerland, where he worked for well-known finance companies, developing their business in Asia, especially in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Since 2008 Michael Beekmann worked as a financial consultant for startups and companies in the New Economy with a focus on financing, internationalization, investor relations and IPO.

Martin Szymanski
Head of Publishing

Martin Szymanski worked for over 20 years in the games industry. He was marketing manager at renowned international games publishers such as Infogrames, Atari, Sunflowers and Just A Game.

Martin Szymanski is an expert on mobile and online games, and has very solid experience in the international marketing of games.

At GAWOONI he is responsible for the complete gaming portfolio of own and licensed games. In addition, he coordinates the international marketing of all GAWOONI games.

Clarence Pereira
Game Producer

Clarence is a fantastic new addition to GAWOONI. He was over 10 years Game Producer at The Walt Disney Company India. At Disney Clarence developed mobile games and is therefore a real pro when it comes to motivating game concepts, character development and effective monetization concepts. At GAWOONI Clarence is responsible for the producing of all GAWOONI titles and he shares his knowledge with our international development teams.

Abhinandan Unawane
Marketing Manager India

Abhinandan Unawane has worked in the marketing of well known international games publishers. He is specialized in new media which is of most importance for the marketing of games. As a Marketing Manager for India he is coordinating all marketing activities of GAWOONI in this region.

Marco Mingxun Jing
Business Development Asia

China is the largest and most powerful games market in the world. A great but also difficult market as it is characterized by very specific cultural peculiarities.
It is therefore very important to be personally present in this market as a company. We are therefore very pleased that Marco Mingxun Jin is representing the interests of GAWOONI in China. Marco has been working in the gaming industry for more than 10 years and is an internationally highly experienced games specialist. Marco will do business development for GAWOONI with a focus on China, Japan and South Korea.

Amporn Srisang
Business Development Southeast Asia

Amporn is the right hand of our management when it comes to business development in Southeast Asia. She is based in our Bangkok office and uses her network and international skills to develop the GAWOONI business in Southeast Asia.