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Project: TUK TUK Rush
Genre: Action, Funracer
Platform: Mobile (iOS, Android), PC
Release: Q4 2020

A ride in a Tuk Tuk is unforgettable. Anyone who has been to Thailand knows these little mini taxis recklessly weave through traffic. A Tuk Tuk ride is great fun and we want exactly this fun convey in our game. Here you can create your individual Tuk Tuk and experience the fascination of Thailand. In the game you drive in your Tuk Tuk through Thailand, from North to South. You will get to know more than 40 amazing sites of the country. Tuk Tuk Rush is the ideal game for all those who want to discover the fascination of Thailand in an interactive and playful way.

Tuk Tuk Rush preview at Thairath TV

Great TV coverage of Tuk Tuk Rush in famous Thai TV Channel Thairath TV

VISA Tuk Tuk

Grandioser Werbespot der Firma VISA, in dem das volle emotionale Erlebnis einer Fahrt in einem Tuk Tuk vermittelt wird.