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GAWOONI is a developer and publisher for mobile games (smartphones, tablets) and online games (PC / Browser). Beside our home market Europe we have a special focus on the digital emerging markets Southeast Asia and India. This makes our company a unique player amongst western game companies.

GAWOONI is also operating its own Online Gaming Platform gawooni.games.

Development teams from Germany, India and Southeast Asia work together at GAWOONI on international and innovative game concepts. We are a highly motivated team of internationally experienced gaming specialists and professionals. Internationality, quality and unique marketing approaches determine GAWOONI’s business. Our goal: we give the games market new and fresh input.

Over 100 billion US Dollars are spent annually with games. A huge market with enormous growth rates. This boom market currently offers extraordinary opportunities. Specifically, Southeast Asia and India are the key emerging markets of the next few years in the field of gaming. And GAWOONI is fully focused on these growth regions.

Frank Holz, one of the founders and directors of GAWOONI, has been active in the gaming industry for more than 20 years and has been actively involved in South East Asia and India for more than 8 years. He not only knows the markets in detail, but also knows the strategies and products that can be successfully implemented there. We use this experience and above all the local network intensively. GAWOONI therefore has a clear advantage over many other companies in the gaming industry who like to market their games in Southeast Asia and India, but do not know how to handle it.

GAWOONI already has offices and teams in Germany, England, India and Thailand. This is how international game productions are created for a multi million audience, and this is the only way to realize local marketing.

Over 2 billion people worldwide use a smartphone – most of them to play. Games for smartphones are the future. We follow this mega trend.

GAWOONI – The Next Big Thing In Gaming

GAWOONI Business Model

The GAWOONI business model is based on three pillars:

Development and distribution of own games
GAWOONI develops its own game productions with its development teams in Europe, India and Southeast Asia. These games are then marketed by GAWOONI worldwide. GAWOONI games are developed in the first place for mobile platforms (smartphones, tablets) and for our own gaming portal. Games from GAWOONI have exciting topics and offer interesting marketing approaches. They monetize via purchases in the game and revenues from advertising in the game.

Publishing of games from 3rd party developers
Many game companies want to market their games in the digital emerging markets of Southeast Asia and India. However, this requires local marketing know-how. GAWOONI is the only European game publisher that has its own marketing teams in these countries and can thus ensure real local marketing. The monetization is made via purchases in the game and revenues from advertising in the game.

Development and operation of an online gaming portal
GAWOONI develops and operates its own online gaming portal. All GAWOONI games and also games from third partie developers can be played on the portal. The monetization takes place via purchases in the games and revenues from advertising in the games and on the portal. The GAWOONI gaming portal will also be expanded on the long run towards eSports. eSports is a major trend in gaming worldwide and especially in Asia.

What are the real USP’s of GAWOONI?

Beside common advantages like a great team with years of experience in the international games market, GAWOONI has some real USP’s which makes them stand out in the market.

Emerging Digital Markets
One USP is the regional Know How in emerging markets. The international games market is growing with a compound annual growth rate of 7%. But this groth is not determined by the major markets like USA, Europa, China and Japan. These markets are more or less saturated. They are huge indeed and you need to market your games there for sure but the growth rate is determined by the the so called digital emerging markets which are: Southeast Asia, India and South America. The GAWOONI management is already active in Southeast Asia and India since 7 years. We know the cultural differences and the way you need to market a game in these territories. That’s why we already have a lot of requests from developers worldwide if we can help them to market their games in these special markets.

Content Strategy
Our next USP belongs to our content strategy. If you are just doing games you are targeting games media and a games audience. This is a highly competitive market right now. But if your game has some content which makes it interesting for a wider audience and also general interest media you will win. GAWOONI is following this path. All GAWOONI games will have some connection to the real world. Our game Tuk Tuk Rush for example is a tribute to Thailand. You are racing through Bangkok and other parts of Thailand, unlocking beautiful hotspots and collecting them in your virtual photobook. Jungle Rush, on the other hand, is a tribute to elephants and other endangered animals. Here you learn in a playful way about these animals and how you can take action to help. In a nutshell, we are providing real life facts via motivating gameplay. This concept works well. We already got TV coverage and press coverage in daily newspapers just because our games tell a story which is interesting for a wide audience. This means we are not only communicating in games media, we are also communicating in general interest media which have a huge target audience. GAWOONI is not just doing games – our games are connected to the real world. This offers at the same time many touchpoints with companies or brands and makes us also interesting for AD agencies.

Community Management
Community management is important, but many companies are doing it wrong. They just react on user feedback. At GAWOONI we actively involve our community in the content creation process. Everyone can contribute their ideas. For our game Tuk Tuk Rush we are asking our community which hotspot we should design next. This gives people the feeling of being a part of the development process, they can become an active part in our community if they like. And they really like it. We need customer feedback and input to make the game as close to the expectations of our community. Also great game ideas already come up from our community. We would like to give people the feeling that they are part of our GAWOONI family and that we really value their input.