It’s finally here: the game “Elephant Rush”. Elefanten aid organizations are happy together with the game publisher GAWOONI PLC. The game is now available for smartphones in the Apple App Store and Google Play Sore.

Here you can play it:

What makes Elephant Rush so special? It is the first game that actively supports elephant aid organizations and teaches knowledge in a playful way.

Knowledge is best imparted through play, this has been scientifically proven. In the game “Elephant Rush” from GAWOONI PLC you learn about elephants in a playful way.
How exactly does it work? The game is a classic match3 puzzle game. By solving different puzzles you continuously unlock new pages in your elephant book and learn more and more about elephants. Playing to learn is the motivation behind the game.

The game supports well-known elephant aid organizations. For example, “Elephant Nature Park”, one of the most famous rescue and rehabilitation centers for elephants in northern Thailand, is featured in the game. The aim is to show players specifically where and how they can help. GAWOONI PLC is also in contact with other elephant aid centers and will gradually incorporate them into the game.

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