GAWOONI PLC is a developer and publisher of mobile games (for smartphones/tablets) and online games (for PCs/browsers) and has successfully positioned itself in the international games market.

Worldwide, games generate more than 150 billion dollars in sales, which corresponds to an annual growth rate of 7% – 8%. Mobile games account for almost 50% of the total turnover.
More than 2 billion people own a smartphone and use it very often for games. GAWOONI PLC sees enormous global potential in this.

Online gaming platform
The large number of gamers, which is increasing rapidly and steadily, especially in Asian countries, is the ideal starting condition for GAWOONI PLC’s online gaming platform. Via the platform, gamers can get in touch with millions of other gamers and have access to all GAWOONI games as well as third-party games. New additions this year include the globally important gaming trends eSports and blockchain-based gaming.

Blockchain-based gaming
The idea of blockchain gaming is to create NFTs (non-fungible tokens) using blockchain technology. The NFTs identify digital objects and verify their uniqueness, authenticity and rarity. Players can trade the digital objects and earn money with them. Gaming becomes an investment.

The gaming portal is financed through income from in-game purchases and advertisements in the games and on the portal. Successful advertising campaigns with well-known brand companies have already shown how important the connection between gaming and brand communication is.

GAWOONI PLC will continue to look for new ways to offer its gamers an ideal platform with the latest technologies.

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