GAWOONI PLC is not only a developer and manufacturer of mobile and online games, but is also actively involved in the protection of elephants and shows its gamers how and where they too can help.

Game “Elephant Rush
GAWOONI PLC will release the game “Elephant Rush” in August 2021 via the app stores of the various smartphone manufacturers.

Elephant Rush is a classic Match3 puzzle and teaches knowledge about elephants in a playful way – the motivation behind this game is playing to learn.

When you have solved various puzzles, new pages of the elephant book are unlocked and you learn more and more interesting facts about elephants.

Play – Learn – Help
Elephant Rush is not only a game, but also an active participation in animal protection.
The game introduces well-known aid organisations, such as “Elephant Nature Park” one of the best-known rescue and rehabilitation centres for elephants in northern Thailand.

GAWOONI PLC is currently in contact with other aid organisations and will gradually integrate them into the game.

GAWOONI PLC will also support the elephant relief centres financially from the proceeds of the game. This commitment on the part of GAWOONI PLC is unique in the games industry and appeals to millions of gamers to get involved in animal protection. With Elephant Rush, you not only expand your knowledge through play, but also provide active help and support.

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