GAWOONI PLC is pleased about the very good start of its portal in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines and Singapore and sees its strategy of local marketing more than confirmed. GAWOONI PLC’s online gaming platform is available in more than 20 languages, including the most important Asian languages.

Not only local marketing is the reason for the portal’s success, but also its offer to gamers. Through GAWOONI PLC’s platform, gamers can get in touch with millions of other gamers and have access to all GAWOONI games as well as third-party games.

The gaming portal is financed through revenues from in-game purchases and advertisements in the games and on the portal. Successful advertising campaigns with well-known brand companies have already shown how important the connection between gaming and brand communication is.

For GAWOONI PLC, it is a principle to always incorporate the most modern technologies and games into its portal. This year, for example, the latest gaming trends eSports and blockchain-based gaming will be integrated into the platform.

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