Thailand, “The Land Of Smiles”, is one of the most popular destinations worldwide. But as in almost all destinations, tourism is currently massively affected due to COVID.
Therefore, people in Thailand are eagerly awaiting the moment when normal tourist travel is possible again. And it is exactly for this moment that GAWOONI PLC offers active support with the game “Tuk Tuk Rush”.¬†For the first time, a game is being developed in which the fascination of Thailand can be experienced in a playful way, a mixture of a fast-paced racing game and an interactive travel guide – there has never been anything like it before. GAWOONI PLC is pursuing a new and unique approach here.

GAWOONI PLC is already in intensive talks with the Thai tourism industry. Together they are discussing how Tuk Tuk Rush can optimally support tourism in Thailand. The game is being developed for smartphones. The release is planned as soon as the COVID situation allows travel to Thailand again and the Thai tourism industry actively restarts its marketing.

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